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Today’s pick from my library is one of the giants in the psychedelic world, I’m pretty sure much of you are already aware of it’s existence. The band I’m talking of is of course Shpongle. Shpongle is a formation that consists of Simon Posford, the psytrance legend who goes by the name Hallucinogen and everyone’s favorite hippie Raja Ram. It’s a psybient project that seeks to be the ultimate in both electronic and acoustic music. This means lots of echo, spacy basslines, weird atmospheric sounds and Raja Ram’s brilliant flute work. What makes it different from other psybient projects is the huge influence of tribalism on the music, lots of african drums, indian mantra’s and DMT machine elves.

The subject of most of the songs is of course drugs, more drugs, some more drugs and psychedelic philosophy. So be prepared for a lot of Terence McKenna samples and musical projections of the DMT world.

You can really hear the tribalism in this song:

Here is fanmade clip for Divine Moments of Truth (DMT anyone?) that I really like:


I Monster – Who Is She? / Daydream In Blue

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Normally I just post artists or at least albums and I let you do the rest, but in this case the other songs on the albums are (in my opinion) so much worse than these two that I’ll just post these. I got Daydream In Blue when I was watching Hustle and this awesome song came along. So we got out Shazam and a few seconds later the name was there, I Monster. I really like the spacy feeling and the dirty synth under there, Who Is She has those same qualities but is way darker. Who Is She sounds to me like the ultimate soundtrack for a neo-noir film, dark, spacy and makes your mind go black&white.

Diggy Dex

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I generally don’t like hiphop and I generally hate dutch hiphop but this is one of those exceptions that prove the rule I guess. Diggy Dex is a Dutch rapper who seems to be more intelligent for a change and incorporates very interesting rhyme-constructions in his music, add jazzy beats to that and you might just have hiphop even I like.

Kattoo – Places

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I discovered this album in a rather weird way. I was reading through the .cue files of my favorite liftmuziek mix ‘music for my afterlife’ and saw the name Kattoo drop quite a few times. When I asked a friend if he knew this artist, he said he did, not only did he say that, it turned out that he had given me the album a year before and I somehow I didn’t like it. That must have been the great delirium of 2009 because I can’t remember ever hearing the album.

So much for this very interesting (right? :D) looking back on past events, point is this album is awesome. Now you might think I say this a lot, and while that might be true, the only reason for that is because there is just so much awesome music. Kattoo is IDM/Ambient and as the title says, every song is a different ‘Place’. This means the music is very atmospheric, lots of samples from cities/nature have been used and every track has a different feel. I have to admit that I don’t like all the songs, some are a bit too relaxed for me but especially the dark stuff is excellent. But maybe it’s better if I just shut up now and let you listen to a song.

ESA remixed

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Some of you might know the artist ESA, most of you probably don’t. I for one have to admit, that I havent done extensive listening to his own tracks, but never the less I like this remix album that released some time ago at Tympanik Audio. It’s 2 CDs full of songs by ESA remixed in all sorts of ways, it has songs for everyone (as long as you like dark trippy shit that is), so far I heard breakcore, dark electro, dark psytrance, dark ambient, so it’s mostly just very dark :P

Some examples:

Dark Psytrance:

Dark Electro:

The Correspondents

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Just one more post then, I just remembered this and it’s so awesome that I cannot withstand not to share it with you people. It’s a rather unknown genre called ‘electroswing’/’swing ‘n bass’ and these guys are the bomb. It’s a modern take on 30s swing music, if this won’t make you dance around nothing will. One of their best songs is a remix of the Jungle Book song, but since I can’t find a non-live-version on YouTube here is their official video clip, their myspace has the song though called ‘I wanna be like you’.

From My Library

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Ok just a quicky then, the artist of today is not as obscure as most of the stuff that I post, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. The artist I’m talking about is Jack Johnson, every one’s favorite Hawaiian. His songs gives you the feeling that he just hangs around the beach all day, surfing and playing his guitar, which is probably not far from the truth. I’m always listen to his songs when I’m traveling and in trains for very long periods because it has the godly power to keep me quiet and relaxed (if you know me, you know that’s hard :P).

Anyway, check him out: