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First post in a while, the last couple of days I was busy partying at a freetekno party and dealing with the aftermath. After partying it’s of course always time for some serious business and this artist will support you while doing that. I have listened to a lot of ambient/idm in the last years but this was instantly one of my favorites. Since I’m a hacker and computer scientist I was of course immediately in love with song titles as “strtok(lp, ” \t\r\n”);”, add that I’m also a great fan of dark cyberpunk settings and you get why I’m so much in love with this music. It has a really dark technologic and nihilistic feel, it reminds me of dark rainy cities, brain implants, code, machines etc.

As he describes the music himself:

This is my desire for a dark future with neon cities and cyberware. My longing for fully interactive neural internet, gang warfare,
and corporations acting as governments. Monolithic arcologies reaching for the sky in a city that’s constantly shrouded by rain.
it’s what i would hear in the soundtrack of the chatsubo. in freezone. in the metaverse. It is the aural vision of the world i wish i lived in

He just released a new free EP that you can download at:

Check out his website: Even though it’s a bit hard to navigate I think the concept is awesome.

~ by shokora0x90 on 01/05/2010.

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