From My Library

Today’s pick from my library is one of the giants in the psychedelic world, I’m pretty sure much of you are already aware of it’s existence. The band I’m talking of is of course Shpongle. Shpongle is a formation that consists of Simon Posford, the psytrance legend who goes by the name Hallucinogen and everyone’s favorite hippie Raja Ram. It’s a psybient project that seeks to be the ultimate in both electronic and acoustic music. This means lots of echo, spacy basslines, weird atmospheric sounds and Raja Ram’s brilliant flute work. What makes it different from other psybient projects is the huge influence of tribalism on the music, lots of african drums, indian mantra’s and DMT machine elves.

The subject of most of the songs is of course drugs, more drugs, some more drugs and psychedelic philosophy. So be prepared for a lot of Terence McKenna samples and musical projections of the DMT world.

You can really hear the tribalism in this song:

Here is fanmade clip for Divine Moments of Truth (DMT anyone?) that I really like:

~ by shokora0x90 on 19/04/2010.

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