Kattoo – Places

I discovered this album in a rather weird way. I was reading through the .cue files of my favorite liftmuziek mix ‘music for my afterlife’ and saw the name Kattoo drop quite a few times. When I asked a friend if he knew this artist, he said he did, not only did he say that, it turned out that he had given me the album a year before and I somehow I didn’t like it. That must have been the great delirium of 2009 because I can’t remember ever hearing the album.

So much for this very interesting (right? :D) looking back on past events, point is this album is awesome. Now you might think I say this a lot, and while that might be true, the only reason for that is because there is just so much awesome music. Kattoo is IDM/Ambient and as the title says, every song is a different ‘Place’. This means the music is very atmospheric, lots of samples from cities/nature have been used and every track has a different feel. I have to admit that I don’t like all the songs, some are a bit too relaxed for me but especially the dark stuff is excellent. But maybe it’s better if I just shut up now and let you listen to a song.


~ by shokora0x90 on 13/04/2010.

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