Dubstep dump

Whenever I hear dubstep in clubs, I hear too much bad and/or ancient dubstep (skream was cool, but move on :P). So on this very special first day, here is a dump of dubstep artists I think are pretty cool.



~ by shokora0x90 on 28/03/2010.

10 Responses to “Dubstep dump”

  1. Saw Excision in Santa Cruz- he killed it on a Sunday night! Tons of fucked up kids, grimy, heavy drops.

  2. right on. i might add 501, emalkay and hubsmoke.

  3. yeah 501.

    new producer Ajapai is really good too.

  4. Nice, i like that ajapai dude : D

  5. bigup 2 the site ,, come on over 4 a listen dubbberz ;)

  6. There’s a lot of good unsigned producers like Prime, Kidnap and Ransom, Messiah… Got them all on my blog with more to come if you want to take a look?

  7. Very nice!

  8. those are pretty tight
    if u like them im sure yu will like
    Dj Coma and Mark Instinct
    they are pretty tight
    Dj Coman – http://soundcloud.com/comasound
    Mark Instinct – http://soundcloud.com/Mark_Instinct

  9. Borgore is sick mate, nice taste

  10. Good selection there family! More soon I hope

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