I’m probably a little slow with this but I just discovered this awesome website In the last year a few websites started that wanted to the one-stop for indy music releasing, we have but that’s actually more for just showing tracks and following other people’s tracks. implements a ‘new’ internet business model that the big labels have been to pussy to implement for years now. Instead of whining about your music being on the internet and suing people, they offer bands the chance to have an organised webpage, stream their music, expand their fan base and make money with it.

Now I’m a huge supporter of the ‘give whatever you want to give’ system and almost all the albums I bought in the last couple of years were through such a system (which aren’t a lot of albums as you can understand). I like the idea of customers determining how much something is worth to them, I for one tend to be a lot more royal when I’m the one making this decision. This website implements only half of that though, since bands can set a minimum amount of money you need to pay for it.

Anyway, there is tons of music on it that you can stream for free and apart from the free downloads you can give artists whatever you want to give for their music, go check it out at:

~ by shokora0x90 on 28/03/2010.

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