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Some dude named lettrist commented on an old post a couple of days ago and suggested a new producer named ‘Ajapai’, who is apparently from Japan which is quite unique when it comes to dubstep. Never the less his filthy dubstep tunes are fucking awesome, thanks a lot for this lettrist!


Awesome song

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Don’t know if anyone is going to read this since this whole blog has been dead for quite some time now, but it’s going really well with the merge (it’s not). Anyway, I have always loved venetian snares for his utterly insane complexity but once in a while I discover a whole album I didn’t listen yet. Exactly the same thing happened some time ago and it contained this brilliant piece of music, enjoy.

Netlabel – Atmospheric Ambient Mix

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The merge of blogs is taking a bit longer than expected so I will just make a couple of posts here before we finally move on to bigger and possibly better things. Today we are going to talk about an awesome netlabel, We Are Enough Records. They release a lot of stuff ranging from dubstep to ambient and as we are used to with netlabels, it’s all for free. You can however use flattr to give them some money (if you don’t know what flattr is, I will make a post on it later).

This is a very cool mix I found today, it’s has a really relaxed feeling, bit of dronish organic ambient sound with a lot of atmospheric samples.

01 fp – trace 4 (00:00)
02 aquarelle – episódio2 (03:50)
03 Amitron_7 – The Old Man Had Upon His Face an Equation… (07:08)
04 Luis Antero – ohp 10:00 am (12:35)
05 Jari Pitkänen – Lumien (14:17)
06 Jari Pitkänen – Muistot (19:07)
07 Jari Pitkänen – Nousevat (27:25)
08 Ostin – Dream (30:28)
09 Alterior – Pneumatics (34:50)
10 Infetu – Worm ii (37:04)
11 Joanna – Sen (Insomnia remix by MOAN) (38:14)

Direct download link:
Link to the whole netlabel:

Blog will be merged

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I haven’t posted stuff in a while because I don’t have that much time anymore. ‘Luckily’ my friends kind of have the same thing, so this blog will be merged with our friend from ‘Beyond Structures & Time’ and some dude you probably haven’t had the chance to meet yet. With this we hope to achieve to make regular blogposts, still give you people tons of new music to listen to while lowering the amount of time needed.

I’m not entirely sure when this merge will happen since I might move from wordpress.com to a self managed server because the wordpress.com statistics are kind of lame, it’s supposebly noob friendly but ‘incompetent’ would be a better way of putting it. Anyway, in the mean time check out this super tune:

Access to arasaka

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First post in a while, the last couple of days I was busy partying at a freetekno party and dealing with the aftermath. After partying it’s of course always time for some serious business and this artist will support you while doing that. I have listened to a lot of ambient/idm in the last years but this was instantly one of my favorites. Since I’m a hacker and computer scientist I was of course immediately in love with song titles as “strtok(lp, ” \t\r\n”);”, add that I’m also a great fan of dark cyberpunk settings and you get why I’m so much in love with this music. It has a really dark technologic and nihilistic feel, it reminds me of dark rainy cities, brain implants, code, machines etc.

As he describes the music himself:

This is my desire for a dark future with neon cities and cyberware. My longing for fully interactive neural internet, gang warfare,
and corporations acting as governments. Monolithic arcologies reaching for the sky in a city that’s constantly shrouded by rain.
it’s what i would hear in the soundtrack of the chatsubo. in freezone. in the metaverse. It is the aural vision of the world i wish i lived in

He just released a new free EP that you can download at: http://null.accesstoarasaka.com/null.zip

Check out his website: http://www.accesstoarasaka.com/v2/ Even though it’s a bit hard to navigate I think the concept is awesome.

From My Library

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Today’s pick from my library will be another Dutch band, that I have mixed feelings about. On one end I really like the sound of the singer’s voice and her singing style, on the other end some parts it sounds a bit ‘childish’. I think the ‘childishness’ of the music is on purpose because most of the lyrics are about growing up and leaving things behind, so while that is not necessarily a bad thing it doesn’t really do it for me in some songs. In spite of that, I still think it’s a great album with a unique style that definitely deserves to be heard.


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Another genre that only a very select group of people seems to listen. While a lot of people (especially here in The Netherlands) listen to the much simpler hardcore, tekno seems to stay one of the most underground genres out there. Personally I don’t like hardcore at all, it’s way too simple for my taste, I don’t want to listen to the same distorted 4/4 kick and farmer Joe’s synths for 5 minutes straight. Tekno on the other side still has the ripping hard 4/4 kicks, but most of the time mixed with breaks, noise, lots of samples and all kinds of crazy noisy shit. I do have to say that I can’t stand ‘happytek’, a happy hardcore like subgenre of tekno, but since I generally dislike high-pitched happy bubblegum music that’s probably just me.

One of the few happytek songs I do like: